Thursday, January 3, 2019

Reason why Manual Renewal Field on Contract Renewal Sales Orders is Checked

The Manual Renewal field in a sales order is checked by a script whenever the renewal transaction has been modified by a user (to help identify renewal transactions that have been changed and are now different than the transaction that R05 created). It cannot be set by the user.

To test, users can do the following:
1.Create a manual sales order and noticed that the  Manual Renewal field cannot be checked. 
2. However, if you try to edit a contract renewal sales order, the manually renewal field automatically displayed as checked once the sales order is saved.

1. To confirm whether someone had edited a renewal transaction you may check the System Information tab of the sales order> System Notes.

2. Editing the line item information triggers the Manual Renewal box to be automatically checked. Editing information on the main line does not trigger the box to be automatically checked.

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