Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Report with same name Displays Multiple Times in Global Search Results


1. Open each report name and verify if the internal IDs are the same. Internal ID can be found in the URL where it shows "cr=xxx".

2. If each report has a different ID, it means those reports are created with similar names and the Save As function is used instead of Save.
3. When "Save As" is used and the name is existing, a warning message pops up "This will create another report named XXXXXX. Do you want to continue?"
4. As the warning message implied, it will create another report with similar name. Thus, when that name is entered in the Global Search, it shows multiple times.

Note: In saved searches, it does not allow similar names. When Save As is used with same name, it prompts a message saying "Do you want to overwrite XXXXX?"

An enhancement request has been submitted for report names to behave like in saved searches (#68708 - Report Customization > Save As function can create reports with duplicate names, it does not issue the standard prompt that the name is already being used and prompt if you want to overwrite).

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