Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Revenue Recognition Journal Entry Display Lines with Different Posting Period from the Schedule


A revenue recognition journal entry was created from multiple transactions with different posting period when it is supposed to be from only one posting period.

In the Create Revenue Recognition Journal Entries page, setting the Posting Period will filter the transactions based on their revenue recognition schedule.

So the journal entry is expected to be created only based on what is on the schedule.

For example, Journal Entry #1 will show in all revenue recognition schedules to have been created for the same posting period, i.e. November 2012. The issue is that some schedules show the journal entry to have posted for November 2012, and others in December 2012.

This was reproduced by the following steps:
1. Go to the Create Revenue Recognition Journal Entries page and select a period.
2. Before submitting it, edit the revenue recognition schedule and change the posting period > click Save.
3. Without refreshing the Create Revenue Recognition Journal Entries page, submit the page to create journal entries.

Results: Journal entry will include the lines with the changed posting period.


In order to avoid this scenario, user must refrain from making changes in the revenue recognition schedule just before submitting Create Revenue Recognition Journal Entries page. If there is a need to do change the schedules, make sure to refresh the page to get the updated transactions based on the schedule.

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