Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sales transaction > Shipping tab > missing Shipping Tax Code/Shipping Tax Rate field for Nexus = US


·        Navigate to Transactions> Sales

Enter Sales Order or

Create Invoices

·        View the Shipping tab to change the Shipping Tax Code /Tax Rate

·        Missing Shipping Tax Codes/Shipping Tax Ratefield.




·        The Tax Code/TaxRate charged against the Shipping Itemin the transaction is dependent on the TaxSchedule found under the shipping item record.

·        This is set under Lists > Accounting >Shipping Items > view shipping item > Shipping Rules tab > Charge Tax on this shippingportion of item field



·        For NetSuite to allow users to change the ShippingTax Code/ Shipping Tax Rate on the Shipping Item for US Nexuses:

1.   Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Set UpTaxes > United States tab

2.   Set Per-Line Taxes onTransactions = True

3.   Hit Save

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