Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Set the Default Country on the Shipping Estimator

This is a scripted alternate solution to control the default Country on the Shopping Cart Shipping Estimator.


1. Create a new Tag


- Setup > Site Builder > Tags > New


- Leave the Description and Default Value blank.

- Then Save.


2. Edit one of the Web Site Themes


- Setup > Site Builder > Themes

- Edit the theme that is currently applied on the web store

- On the Body Tab > Footer Template field, add the name of the tag <ESTIMATORDEFAULTCOUNTRY>

- Save the changes


3. Enter the Substitution value on Shopping Cart tab


- Lists > Site Builder > Tabs

- Edit the Shopping Cart tab

- Click Tag Substitution


- On the Tag field, look for the tag: ESTIMATORDEFAULTCOUNTRY

- On the Substitution Value, enter the following code




- Click Add.


- Save the changes.



Expected result:

- On the Shopping Cart Shipping Estimator, default country is set to United States (US)


- Replace ''US" if you wish to use other default countries.

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