Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Select the Default of Payment Type to Invoice rather than Credit Card on a per Customer basis

In this alternate solution, during Checkout on the Payment Information page, customers with Custom role "Custom Customer Center" will see the Invoice as Payment option by default (not Credit Card).



1. Create a new Tag


- Setup Site Builder > Tags > New


- Leave the Description and Default Value blank.

- Then Save.


2. Edit one of the Web Site Themes


- Setup Site Builder > Themes

- Edit the theme that is currently applied on the web store

- On the Body Tab > Footer Template field, add the name of the tag <INVOICEASDEFAULT>

- Save the changes


3. Assign a container ID on Payment Terms text


- SetupSite Builder > Customize Text

- Click Customize on the Text Group used on your Web Store

- Click Field Labels tab

- Search for Payment Terms, and enter the following under Customization field:




- Then Save.


4. Enter the Substitution value on Checkout tab


- Lists > Web Site > Tabs

- Edit the Checkout tab

- Click Tag Substitution


- On the Tag field, look for the tag: INVOICEASDEFAULT

- On the Substitution Value, enter the following code




- Click Add.


- Save the changes.



Expected result:

- For Customers assigned with role "Custom Customer Center", on Payment Information page, Payment option defaults to Invoice

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