Thursday, January 3, 2019

Set Display Line Discounts = False in New Promotions via Workflow

By default, the Display Line Discounts box is checked when a new Promotion record is created. It can be set to False manually to remove the check mark. To set Display Line Discounts to unchecked by default for new Promotion records, a Workflow can be created.

To create the workflow:


1. Go to  Customization > Workflow WorkflowsNew
2. Set the following:

  • Name: Display Line Discount
  • Record Type:
Promotion Code
  • Execute as Admin is checked
  • Release Status: Released
  • Event Based: On Create
  • Trigger Type: Before Record Load
3. Click State 1 > New Action > Set Field Value
4. Set the following:
   • Trigger On: Entry
   • Parameters
       · Field: Display Line Discounts
       · Static Value: Checked = False    

5. Click Save

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