Sunday, January 20, 2019

Turn Off New Case Notification for One Customer Only via Workflow

Note: This do not apply to cases filed through Inbound Case Capture


I. Create a custom Internal ID field

a. Go to Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Entity Fields > New
b. Enter a Label, for example, Custom Internal ID
c. In the Type dropdown list, select Free-Form Text
d. Set Store Value = False
e. In the Applies To tab, mark Customer
f. In Validation & Defaulting tab, enter {id} in the Default Value field and mark the Formula checkbox
g. Click Save

II. Disable Case Creation Notification


a. Go to Setup > Support > Support Preferences
b. In the Notification tab, uncheck the following checkboxes:


Notify Filer On Support Rep Cases

Notify Filer On External Cases


c. In Setup > Company > System Email Templates, take note of the template name being used for New Case Customer Notification

d. Click the Edit button beside the email template specified in Step C

e. Copy the content of the Subject and paste it in Notepad or Microsoft Word
f. In Text Editor, switch to Source Edit Mode, copy the body of the template and paste it in Notepad or Microsoft Word
g. Go to Documents > Templates > Email Templates > New
h. Enter a Name
i. Paste the Subject you copied in step III-c
j. In Text Editor, switch to Source Edit Mode and paste the body of the template copied in step III-d
k. Click Save


III. Create the Workflow

a. Go to Customization > Scripting > Workflows > New
b. Set the following:

   • Name: For example, "Do not send notification for Customer XXX"
   • Record Type: Case
   • Execute as Admin is checked
   • Release Status: Released
   • Event Based: On Create
   • Trigger Type: All

c. In the Condition section, select Visual Builder
d. Click the icon beside the Condition field and in the New Workflow Condition page, set the following values:

Record: Company
Field: Custom Internal ID or the name of the custom field created in step I
Compare Type: not equal
Value: enter the Internal ID of the customer you do not want to receive the notification
e. Click Save
f. Click New State
g. Enter a Name then click Save
h. Click State 1 > New Action
i. Click Send Email
j. In the Basic Information section, set Trigger On = After Record Submit
k. In the Parameters section > Sender, click Specific Sender and enter the From Name of the email:
l. In the Recipient section, click From Field and set the following values:

Record: Current Record
Field: Company

m. In the Content section, click Use Template and in the Template dropdown list, select the template created in step III
n. Click Save

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