Friday, February 8, 2019

Assembly Item Cost did not Update after Performing Bulk Cost Revaluation with the Revalue Assemblies Based on Components= True.

To illustrate the scenario, see the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Lists > Accounting >  Items > pull up the Item Record of Component Items.
  2. In the Purchasing/Inventory tab > Locations subtab > Location > Enter/Change the Standard Cost.
  3. Hit Save
  4.  Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Planned Standard Standard Cost Rollup.
  5. Select the appropriate Standard Cost Version > enter Effective Date > check the box of the Component Items associated to the Assembly.
  6. Hit Submit.
  7. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Revalue Standard Cost Inventory > Select Standard Cost Version &  Adjustment Account.
  8. Enter Effective Date >  Check the box Revalue Assemblies based on Components > Mark the box of the Component Items.
  9. Hit Submit.
  10. Only the Component Items get revalued, the Assembly Item Cost did not update.


This is by design.  We need to plan for the Assembly Item as well for it to be firmed upon revaluation. This means that in Step # 5, we need to also mark the box of the Assembly Item before we submit the rollup.

Note:  Enhancement  245192 was submitted to automatically Rollup the Assemblies Based on Component.  The requirement includes the ability to revalue the assemblies based on components without checking the box of Assembly Items on both the Planned Standard Cost Rollup and the Revalue Standard Cost Inventory pages.



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