Sunday, February 17, 2019

Assigning a dynamic text on a Return User Action


How can the text on a Return User Error be dynamically assigned? Since customers may have a complex Workflow wherein certain section of their Workflow might contain similar implementations such as making use of the same text to be used when they invoke the Return User Error action.


To be able to dynamically specify values shown when Return User Error is invoked:

- Create a Global Workflow Field, On the Workflow Summary page, under the fields tab, click on the New Field button.

- On the Workflow Field page (specify the below details):

Type: Free-Form Text

Store Value: checked

Under the Validation & Defaulting tab, specify a Default Value (this default value would serve as the error message shown for the Return User Error action.

- Click Save.

- Take note of the ID of the Workflow action (for example ID: cusworkflow34)

- Now create a Return User Error Workflow action, on the Text under the Parameter section make use of {cusworkflow34}.

- The above should reference the Custom Workflow Field and should show the default value specified on the Workflow field.

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