Thursday, February 14, 2019

Automatic Use a Custom Email Template when Sending Transaction Emails


I. Disable the Standard Email Notification from NetSuite.
1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Email Preferences > Transactions section.
3. Click Save.

II. Create a Workflow with a Send Email State.
1. Navigate to Customization > ScriptingWorkflow > New.

--Basic Information
2. Provide a Name.
3. Set Record Type = Transaction.
4. In the Sub Types section, select the transactions which needs to send alerts to customers.

5. Choose Event based.
6. Mark On Create to send an email every time a user creates an order for the customer.
7. Mark On Update to send an email every time a user edits an order.
8. Users may choose specific Events when the email should be sent.
9. In Context, the user can choose what the source of the transactions will only use the Workflow. For example, if the user wishes to send a transaction email only from order that come in through the Web Store, select WebStore.

-Users can set specific conditions on when the email should be sent. For example, emails should only be sent for orders which has Lead Source = Trade Show.
a. In the Condition box, click the Open icon.
b. Select Field = Lead Source
c. Set Value = Trade Show
d. Save

10. Save the Workflow.
11. Edit the Workflow again.
12. Click New State.
13. Double click on State 1.
14. Set Trigger On = Entry.
15. Set the same Event Type and Context that was selected in the main workflow set up.

--Parameters (Sender)
16. Choose From Field.
17. Set Record = Current Record.
18. Set Field to the email address that you wish to appear on the email. (i.e. Sales Rep)

--Parameters (Recipient)
19. Choose From Field.
20. Set Record = Customer.
21. Set Field to the email address that you wish to appear on the email. (i.e. Sales Rep)

If an Email Template has already been created, select in the Use Template field. If not, users can create it in the Custom field.

22. Check Include Transaction.
23. Set Type.
24. Save


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