Thursday, February 14, 2019

Send Email Preview for Marketing Campaign Template

1. Navigate to Documents > Templates > Marketing Templates > New > Campaign.
2. Name your Campaign Template
3. Mark Send Email Preview, enter the desired recipient's email address in the field provided.
4. Navigate to the Template tab > Choose Text Editor.
5. Enter the template details.
6. Add the 
${campaignEvent.couponCode} for Single Use Promocode by choosing Other from the Field Type dropdown and Coupon Code for the Insert Field dropdown. This tagplaces a unique coupon code for each recipient to use. With multi-use couponcodes, users can include the actual coupon code in the text of the email. 

7. Save the Campaign Template.
8. An email is sent to the email address provided from the Send Email Preview field. Notice that the NLTAG for Coupon Code does not work.

By design the tag for Single Use Coupon Code will not show up. Thetag will only work on an email executed from a MarketingCampaign.    

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