Saturday, February 2, 2019

Change Vendor record's Category to non - Tax Agency


        Editthe vendor record because the vendor is not really a tax agency but the Category field is greyed out.




        Vendor Category should not have a Tax Agencyproperty for NetSuite to allow user to change the vendor category.



1.   Navigate to Setup > Accounting > AccountingLists > Type = Vendor Category

2.   Edit the category

3.   Unmark Tax Agency

4.   Hit Save

5.   Edit the vendor record

Category should no longer be greyed out.

6.   Change vendor Categoryfield value

7.   Hit Save



        Since the vendor is no longer categorized as a TaxAgency, replace that vendor name in:

        Setup > Accounting  > Set Up Taxes > Preferred Tax Agency column

        Setup > Accounting > Tax Codes > Tax Agency field

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