Thursday, February 7, 2019

Create New ubsidiary Generates Error Message " Please enter value(s) for: ?????" (where ????? is the name of a field/custom field)

Business Use Case:

1. Creating a new Subsidiary record will automatically create a Lead Record for Anonymous Customer. This anonymous lead record is created as a placeholder for each subsidiary.  This is expected behavior. 

2. If a field, be it a standard field or a custom field (ex. Category, Class etc.) is set as mandatory on the preferred Customer/Lead/Prospect Entry form then when creating a new subsidiary you will receive the message "Please enter value(s) for: ?????" (where ????? is the name of a field/custom field)


1. Make sure that the field is not set as mandatory before creating the subsidiary record.

2. Following these steps should allow you to continue with the task of creating a new subsidiary:
-- a. Go to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms
-- b. Click Edit or Customize on the Customer Form that is set as preferred
-- c. Go to Fields tab> Main subtab
-- d. Uncheck the Mandatory checkbox beside any field that has it checked (ex. Category, Class, etc.)
-- f. Repeat step c and D for all other Fields tabs 
-- g. Click Save

3. After doing the above, follow the steps documented in our help for creating a new subsidiary.

4. Once Step 3 is completed reverse the changes made in Step 2 so that the fields are back to being Mandatory


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