Thursday, February 7, 2019

Display Custom Form Field Used on Transactions in Edit Mode

Generally, the form used on a transaction is determined by what is selected in the Custom Form field. This can only be seen when on Edit Mode.


To be able to know off-hand what was the form used, users may create a custom field sourced from the Custom Form field.


1. Navigate into Customization > Lists, Records, & FieldsTransaction Body Fields > New.
2. Enter a name in the Label field.
3. Set the Type field to Free-Form Text.  
4. Uncheck the Store Value box.

5. In the Applies To tab > check all the transactions to which this field should be applied into.  
6. In the Display tab > Subtab field select Main.  
7. In the Validation and Defaulting tab > Default Value box copy the following {customform}.
8. Hit Save & Apply to Forms.


Users may also vote for Enhancement # 248850 to have this feature available without having to create a custom field.

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