Sunday, February 3, 2019

Determine Used Accounts in a 1099 Vendor Transaction

For purposes of preparing Form 1099-MISC towardsthe end of the year, customers may need to run a report to see all excludedpayments in their 1099-MISC Report.

Theseuncategorized accounts are the cause of excluded payments in 1099 MiscellaneousReports. Creating a transaction search can help in determining accounts used ina transaction.

1. Reports > New Search > Transaction CreateSaved Search 
2. Criteria tab > Standard sub tab > Add Filter 
-- Vendor : Eligible = T
-- Account Type : none of Bank, Accounts Payable
-- Status : none of Bill:Open, Bill:Cancelled, Bill:Pending Approval,Bill:Rejected, Check:Voided, Check:Online Bill Pay Pending Accounting Approval
-- Date : within 1/1/201X and 12/31/201X
3. Results tab > Columns sub tab > Click Remove All > Add Field
-- Type 
-- Vendor Field : Name 
-- Account 
-- Amount 
-- Account Field : 1099-MISC Category 
-- Status 
4. To sum or group the column fields under the Results tab, you may select change the Summary Type column (e.g.Sum of Amount = select "Amount" under Columns sub tab > Field column and select "Sum" on theSummary Type column).
5. Preview or Save

-- If column for 1099-MISC Category is empty, these means that thetransaction involve comprises the excluded payment in 1099-MISC Report. 
-- To categorize the account to a 1099 Category, see Answer ID: 12440 or 1099Amounts Are Showing Under Excluded Payments

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