Sunday, February 3, 2019

Open Invoices into one PDF file for all Subaccounts


1.  Go to Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms (Using Classic Center). 


2.  On the Print Checks and Forms page, click Invoices. 


3. Click Customize button

**Additional Columns tab add Status by marking the Include check box

**Additional Filters tab add Name and Status by marking the Include check box then Save.


*** Users can now select Customer and Status of the Invoices needed to be printed.


4.  On the Print Invoices page, if you use locations, choose the location you want to print invoices from. 


5.  Check the Print box next to each invoice you want to print.

Note: Set Allow Reprinting = T to reprint previous printed transaction


6.  Click Print.


7.  Click the printer button in the Adobe Acrobat frame. 


8.  If you want to print multiple copies, specify the number on the print message that appears. 


9.  Click OK. 

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