Thursday, February 7, 2019

Import Journal Entry > CSV Response : Rounding Error xx.xx


        ImportJournal Entry either via Transactions > Financial > Make JournalEntries > Import or Setup> Import/Export > Import CSV Records


        CSVJob Status: 0 of 1 records importedsuccessfully

        Open CSV Response: RoundingError xx.xx in cell 1A of the CSV file


To createa Customer or Vendor Saved Searchshowing entities that do not have any transactions associated to the entityrecord:

        Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New >Customer

        Under the Criteria tab > Standard sub tab:

        Click on the dropdown button

        Look for Transactions Fields...

        Set Transaction Filter = Internal ID (Number)

        Set Internal ID (Number) = Empty

        Hit Set

        Rename the search

        Hit Save & Run or hit Preview


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