Monday, February 25, 2019

NetSuite for Outlook : Role used for Synchronization is no longer associated with the user.

The following error generates once a user's role used for NetSuite for Outlook synchronization is removed from his Employee record. Once Outlook application is launched, user will be prompted to log in his NetSuite credentials but SyncManager will no longer continue to sync.

"SyncManager is currently inactive as it lacks authorization to continue. Possible reason: Your role does not give you permission to view this page.

Please run the Configuration Wizard once you've rectified this issue."

To resolve:

1. Right click on NetSuite for Outlook from the System Tray and select Configuration.

2. Enter NetSuite account credentials and select the role that has permission for NetSuite for Outlook synchronization.

3. Users may also coordinate with the Account Administrator and request if the removed role can be re-instated to their login.

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