Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sales Order with Billing Schedule Still shows Pending Billing Status Even If Entire Order Has Already Been Billed


1. The Sales Order has been billed correctly according to the Billing Schdeule.

2. Sales Order still shows Pending Billing instead of Billed status.

3. Notice that Invoiced column for an item/(s) is not equal with the Quantity column.

4. The Sales Order has Next Bill and Bill Remaining buttons even though the entire Sales Order has been billed already.


Possible Reason: The line item was edited after billing the entire order. As a result, the Billing Schedule re-computes based on the new item/edited line item amount.

(This is covered by Enhancement # 220690: Billing Schedule: Changing / editing the quantity on a Sales Order should update only the un-billed amount on the schedule)


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a Sales Order with Billing Schedule on it.

2. Bill the entire Sales Order according to the Billing Schedule. The status of the Sales Order should set to Billed.

3. Edit the Sales Order, click on one item and increase its number of quantity.

4. Click Save.


Expected Result:

  • Order's status will change to Pending Billing.
  • Check the Billing > Schedule tab and notice that the billing schedule adjusted the numbers based on the current amount, but this does not adjust the numbers on the invoices themselves.


Possible Action:

1. On the Sales Order page, click Bill Remaining button.

2. Set the following on the New Invoice page:

· Price Level = Custom

· Rate = 0.00


3. Click Save.

4. Get back to the Sales Order and verify if:

· Status = Billed

· Invoiced column = Quantity column.

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