Monday, February 18, 2019

Show the Entity type of Contact’s parent record.

Scenario: Custom Entity field is showing all Entity Types (Partners, Customers, Vendors, Contact, Employee, etc.) instead of just the parent record associated with Contact.

To resolve this, create a custom formula field to source the parent's entity type:

1.    Navigate to Setup > Customization > Entity Fields > New.

2.    Enter a label for the field.

3.    Select Type = Free-Form Text.

4.    Deselect Store Value.

5.    Select Contact under Applies To tab.

6.    Select Main for Display tab > Subtab field.

7.    Select Inline Text for Display Type field.

8.    Select Formula under Validation & Defaulting tab.

9.    Enter Default Value = {parent.type}

10.  Click Save.

Actual Result:

The entity type of the parent record displays automatically when user creates a new contact via Customer, Partner, or Vendor or select an Entity from the Company Name field.

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