Friday, March 15, 2019

Delete Currency Revaluation Journal Entry

When the currency revaluation is done, it creates one journal entry for all the open Accounts Receivables (Invoices) or Accounts Payable (Bills). Currency revaluation cannot be deleted just for one Invoice or Bill. There are two options:

1.To delete the entire revaluation journal entry

Navigate to Transactions > Financial > Revalue Open Currency Balances > List

Edit the journal entry in question

Click Actions then Delete

2. Delete the Invoice or Bill to delete the currency revaluation.

Edit the Invoice or Bill

Click Actions then Delete

Note: The currency revaluation journal entry can be deleted only if it is posted to an open period. For Realized Gain/Loss and Rounding Gain/Loss currency revaluations, we won't be able to delete these transactions since they are applied to transactions. The source transaction must be deleted. It will automatically delete the currency revaluation.

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