Friday, March 15, 2019

Filter Future Dates on a Custom List Field

A Custom Record contains several Custom Fields. A number of the Custom Fields have a Parent relationship, thus, by populating one field, many others are auto-populated.

One particular field is showing all Meetings for a given Group, so once the user selects the appropriate Group, only those Meetings pertaining to that Group appear in the drop-down.

How do you limit the Meetings that show up in the drop-down, to only those that are scheduled in the future (i.e., have not yet happened). The Custom Record has a Date field, so in the "Sourcing & Filtering" subtab of the Custom Field I want to filter future meetings.


Create a hidden, non-stored custom field with fieldDynamic Default=current date/time and then use that as a comparison field. Dynamic You could also use formula {today} as a default value.

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