Sunday, March 3, 2019

Perform a Validated Return in NetSuite Point of Sale (NSPOS)

A validated return is a return that is verified against a transaction that is used when the original receipt is still available. This is the preferred form of return because it reduces fraud and mistakes.

1. Click the Voids/Returns button to display Void/Returns Menu buttons.
2. Click the Validated Return button. An entry box will come up.
3. Scan the bottom of the receipt or use the find interface by hitting the red X. A tile of items from that transaction will appear.
4. Choose a customer to associate with this return.
5. Touch one, more or all items to add them to the return process. For each item select a reason.
6. When finished, touch the green confirmation button in the top right. This will return you to the journal.
7. The amount due should show a change due to the customer. You can tender out the change or ring up items to do an exchange.

Note: If an exchange is being performed and the amount due shows $0.00, add a cash tender of 0 to tell NSPOS that the transaction is finished.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when performing validated returns:

  • If an item in the returned transaction has more than one quantity, NSPOS will display an additional prompt.
  • If a second return against the same transaction is started, NSPOS will keep a record of what was already returned.
  • Data takes about 15 minutes to get replicated to other registers. This means a transaction finished on register 1 will not be eligible for return on register 2 immediately.

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