Thursday, March 28, 2019

Planned Standard Cost Rollup is throwing "Item XXX is inactive" even if Inactive filter is set to No.

Possible scenario:

1. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Planned Standard Cost Rollup.
2. User may Customise the view of the list to make sure that no Inactive items are listed:

- Click on the Customise button.
- Under Additional Columns tab > Mark the Include check box for Inactive.
- Under Additional Filters tab > Mark the Include check box for Inactive.
- Click on Save.

3. On the Planned Standard Cost Rollup page > Enter the Standard Cost Version.
4. Set the filter for Inactive to No.
5. Click on Mark All.
6. Click on Submit.

Item XXX is inactive.

Reason for the error:

The inactive item may not be included in the list of items when a user mark them in the Planned Standard Cost Rollup. However, if this item is a component of an active item, it will cause the error. Make sure that the inactive item is not a component of an active item to run the rollup successfully.

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