Thursday, March 28, 2019

Remit To Address did not Update after Changing the Company Address

There is a certain hierarchy followed where the Remit To Address appearing in the Remittance Slip that is attached to Invoices or Customer Statements is taken from.


It first looks at the value entered in the Address box found in the Custom Remittance Slip.


To check, navigate to Customization > FormsTransaction Forms > look for the Preferred form for Remittance Slip > hit Edit. The box is found at the upper right hand side of the Edit Custom Transaction Form page.


Note: If the Remittance Slip form is preferred (Form is Preferred = true), by default this will be used when printing using any of the Standard Invoice Forms. For customized Invoice forms, consider checking if the field for Remittance Slip shows the Custom Remittance Slip form that contains value in the Address box.


If the above criteria is not met, then by default it will use the Company Address found by navigating to Setup > Company > Company Information > Address box.  

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