Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sending email using Email button from a case record does not send notification to Escalatees/Assignees

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Navigate to Lists > Support > Cases.
2. Edit an existing case.
3. Set the Status field to Escalated.
4. Select a support rep in the Assigned To field.
5. Click Escalate tab.
6. Click Escalate To tab.
7. Select another support rep in the Escalatee column.
8. Save.
9. Click the Email button on Messages tab to send email to customer.
10. Click the Message tab.
11. Enter a message in the Message field.
12. Click Merge & Send.

Result: No email notification is sent to neither the Assignee nor the Escalatee of the case even though the Notify Assignees & Notify Escalatees Upon Update preferences are enabled.
Reason: In sending email from a case record using the
Email button, the case does not go through the Edit mode which is why no notification is sent.

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