Saturday, March 2, 2019

Set Preferred Transaction Delivery method to Email on Customer Records via CSV Import

1. Create a CSV filethat contains the following information:

   a. CustomerName or Internal ID

   b. SendTransactions Via Email = Yes

2. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export> Import CSV Records.

3. In the Scan & Upload CSV File step, set below:

   a. ImportType = Relationships

   b. RecordType = Customers Only

   c. Click Selectbutton and choose the CSV file created on step 1.

   d. Click Next

4. In the Import Options step, set below:

   a. DataHandling Options = Update

   b. Click Next

5. In the Field Mapping step, map below fields:

   a. CustomerName = Customer : Company Name        

   b. SendTransactions Via Email = Customer : SendTransactions Via Email

   c. Click Next

6. In the Save mapping & Start Import step,

   a. Enter an ImportMap Name.

   b. Click Save& Run.

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