Friday, April 5, 2019

Accounts do not Display in a certain Level although the Total Amount is Correct in Adaptive Insights Sheets.

This article is intended for accounts integrated with Adaptive Insights, NetSuite's partner in delivering financial management solutions.


Open any Sheet (for example, Income Statement) and set it to a certain Level (for example, Admin Level).

A certain account (Expense Account A) is not showing but the Total Amount is correct for Admin Level. Expense Account A's Amount is accounted for.


The said Account is "hidden" for that specific Sheet for that Level.


Make sure that the said account is not hidden for the Income Statement Sheet under that Level:

1. Navigate to Admin > Manage Sheets on Levels.

2. Select the Sheet (Income Statement).

3. Click Edit under Customization for Sub-Levels.

4. Check the Level (Admin Level) in which the said Account is not showing and make sure that it is set to either  Editable or Read Only.

4. Save the changes.

5. Reload the Income Statement Sheet for that Level. It should now show the said Expense Account A with amount.








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