Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bins not showing up when adjusting negative quantities

This happens by design when the features Bin Management is set to True and Advanced Bin/Numbered Inventory Management is set to False.

If you adjust negative Bin quantity using an Inventory Adjustment > click the Bin Numbers column link > when there is another Bin in the same Location with a positive quantity, the negative Bin will appear as "undefined" but when all the Bins in the same Location have negative quantity, all the Bins will disappear / not show up.

To continue adjusting the Bins with negative quantity, enter the Bin Number in the Bin Numbers column using the format "Bin Name(Bin Quantity)".

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  1. This is related to an old suite answer, I tried the above and there is luck. Do you know if there is any setup to allow to adjust in negative in a Bin where there is no stock on hand or the available is below the stock to be adjust it