Thursday, April 11, 2019

Include/Exclude Items from the Price List

The feature is currently not available in NetSuite but there is Enhancement Request # 161370 filed for that. You may follow the steps below as an Alternate Solution:

I.  Create a custom field on the item record
a. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Item Fields > New
b. Enter a Label, for example "Included In Price List"
c. Set the Type to Check Box
d. Mark the Show in List check box
e. On the Applies To tab, mark the item types you want this field to appear on, these will be the item types that you want on the price list
f. Click the Display tab and set Subtab to Main
g. Click Save

II. Perform a Mass Update
a. Navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates > General Updates > Select the item type to update
b. On the Criteria tab select the custom field you created and set it to No
c. Click the Mass Update Fields and mark the check boxes for the custom field you created
d. Click Preview and select all the items you wish to include in the Price List.
e. Click Perform Update.
f. Repeat the process if you have other item types to update

III. Filter the Price List
a. Navigate to Transaction > Management > Print Checks and Forms > Price Lists
b. Click the Items tab then Customize
c. Click Additional Filters and select the custom field you created
d. Click Save
e. Click the Items subtab and use the filter for the custom field you created, set it to Yes. It will include those items in which the check box on the item record is marked.

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