Monday, April 1, 2019

Calculating Case Worked Time Using Time Open and Time On Hold Variables in Reports

While defining Case Statuses in Setup > Support > Case Statuses, for certain statuses it is possible to check On Hold checkbox. This allows NetSuite to distinguish the time during which the case has been waiting for customer response and the worked time spent by technical support activities.

As an output including these data there are standard Reports that can be customized (for example Reports > Cases > Open Case Analysis, Closed Case Analysis, Case Activity by Support Rep).

The steps to create customized report showing these data are below:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Cases > Case Activity by Support Rep > Detail.
  2. Click Customize button.
  3. Modify Name of the report as needed.
  4. Add these 2 new fields:
    - Cases > Time Open.
    - Cases > Time On Hold.
  5. Save.

Time On Hold is the time during which the case has been set to any of On Hold statuses

Time Open is the time worked on the case by Support Reps (= total time during which the case has been opened decreased by the time during which the case was On Hold).

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