Friday, April 5, 2019

Choosing Email Recipients from a Custom Record

When sending a Mail Merge from a Custom Record, users will be able to select the Recipient. When a Recipient chosen is the Contact Record, the email message will show up in the Custom Record and the Contact Record not in the Customer Record.

For example:

1. Create a New Record from the Custom Record (Click the View Records link when viewing the custom record > Click the New button) > Enter Needed Information > Save.
2. Navigate to Mail Merge tab > Click the Email button.
3. In the Recipients tab, choose a Contact as the Recipient of the email.
4. Enter Subject and content in the Message tab.
5. Click on Merge & Send.

  • The Email Message will be shown on both Custom Record and Contact Record.

Note:  If a user wants the message to show in the Customer Record, choose the Customer (not the Contact Record) as the Recipient in the Mail Merge from the Custom Record.

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