Friday, April 5, 2019

Copy Content of Textarea Field From Rich Text Type Field Using Workflow

Using a workflow to copy content of a Rich Text field into a Textarea field.

Enter the item description from a vendor into the custom field Description from vendor (Rich Text type, ID = custitemdescriptionfromvendor) on the item form. To copy the content of this field into the Featured Description field (Textarea type, on Item > Web Store subtab) use a workflow.

    To create a workflow:
  1. Customization Scripting > > Workflows > New
  2. set the workflow parameters:
    • Record type: Item
    • Subtype: Serialized Inventory Item
    • Initiation On: Create (check) and On Update (check)
  3. create a new state
  4. create a new action Set Field Value
    • set this action:
    • Trigger On: Before Record Submit
    • Parameters > Field = Featured Description
    • in Value section select Formula and in textarea insert {custitemdescriptionfromvendor}
    • click Save

The complete content of Description from vendor is copied into Featured Description right after save of record.

Please note that Textarea fields have a limitation (of around 4 000 characters) while Rich Text fields can hold 32 768 characters. Therefore a very long text in Rich Text field can meet the limitation of the Texarea field.

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