Thursday, April 4, 2019

Example of Inline HTML Custom Field Usage

Using field of type "inline HTML" can make difficult calculation visible on simple chart.

Showing how much money customer paid compared to credit limit set for him.

1. Create a custom field of type "inline HTML" under Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Entity Fields > New
2. Give a label to the custom field, in subtab Applies To tick Customer , in Display subtab choose Subtab: Financial, Insert Before: Outside columns at bottom
3. In Validation & Defaulting

  • Default Value: <img src=",40&chl=Default|value">

4. After saving the field get the field ID. It is on the form under ID and starts with custentity
5. Create a client script under Setup -> Customization -> Scripts -> New. For more details how scripts are created please refer to SuiteAnswer Steps for Creating a Script Record (10553)
6. Use this script:

7. Upload script:

  • Clicking on ">>" button next to Script File field. 
  • Click on New. A new window will open
  • Click on Browse in Select File. System window will open
  • Select file from you computer (click on Open button). The system window will close.
  • Click on Save in the File window (the window will close)
8. Set Page Init Function to pageInit
9. In Deployments subtab add deployment with settings Applies To: Customer, Deployed: Yes, Status: Released. Click Add For more details how to deploy a script please check SuiteAnswer Steps for Defining a Script Deployment (10554)
10. Save the script
11. Open a customer and open the Financial subtab. The chart will be located on the bottom.

Note: The "custentity11" is ID of created custom field. Replace it with ID of created field from step #3.

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