Thursday, April 4, 2019

Order Confirmation Emails not being Sent via PayPal Classic


Customers do not receive an order confirmation email when paying for merchandise using PayPal Classic.


Due to changes made by PayPal, customers are not redirected back to NetSuite automatically as was the case previously. Now when customers complete their transaction on PayPal, they have to click on the Return to store link/button. If the customers do not click on the Return to store link/button, they will not be redirected to NetSuite and though the sales order will be creates, the order confirmation email will not be generated.


There are three alternate solutions to get around this problem:

1) Display a custom message on the checkout page instructing shoppers to click on the "Return to Store" link/button in PayPal in order to complete the transaction.

2) Create a transaction saved search to generate custom order confirmation emails when orders are created via PayPal Classic. Please refer to the following SuiteAnswers article for detailed steps: "Transaction Saved Search to trigger email alerts when web orders paid via PayPal Classic Checkouts are created" (Answer Id: 24683).

3.) Upgrade to PayPal Express checkout



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