Tuesday, April 2, 2019

FedEx Dropoff Types

FedEx has several drop-off types, listed below:

Regular Pickup - The shipper already has an every-day pickup scheduled with a courier.
Request Courier - The shipper will call FedEx to ask for a courier.
Drop Box - The shipper will drop the package in a FedEx drop box.
Business Service Center - The shipper will drop off the package at an authorized FedEx business service center.
Station - The shipper will drop off the package at a FedEx Station.


This is set on Setup > Accounting > Shipping > Carrier Registration tab> Click on the FedEx Account Number > FedEx Dropoff Type 


When comparing the Shipping rates calculated in NetSuite versus the Shipping Rates calculated in the FedEx website http://www.fedex.com/ratefinder/home?cc=US&language=en&locId=express users need to make sure that the FedEx Dropoff Type set in NetSuite is the same as the Pickup/Dropoff set on the FedEx website:

Here are the Pickup/Dropoff  types on the FedEx website and how they are related to the types listed in NetSuite:

1. Schedule a Pickup - This is similar to Request Courier 
2. Use an already scheduled Pickup - This is similar to Regular Pickup
3. Drop off at a FedEx location - This is similar to Station, Drop Box and Business Service Center 

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