Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Forecasting > Value of Projected Total, Range, and To in Forecasting of an Opportunity shows differently in the System Notes details

When the Multi Currencies feature enabled in the NetSuite Account, there can be confusion on the value shown in the Main Line > Forecasting part of the Opportunity record and in the System Information tab > System Notes subtab.

For example: 

1. A user used Pesos (Mexican), Euros and Dollars (US) in transactions and the base currency is Pesos.

2. Create an Opportunity and set the Currency in Dollars (Transactions > Sales > Create Opportunities). The entered Projected Total is 1,000 and also 1,000 for the Range and To field in the Forecasting portion of the Opportunity.

Note: The Exchange Rate field will be automatically populated because of the Currency Exchange Rate Integration feature. For this instance, the exchange rate of Mexican Pesos to US Dollars is 13.06050014.

3. When saved, the Currency field is no longer editable and in the System Notes it will show that Fields Projected Total, Range, and To will have the value 13060.50.

This is because the value (1,000) set in the fields are automatically converted to the base currency set in the NetSuite account. In the example above the 1,000 (US Dollars) multiplied by 13.06050014 (Exchange rate at that time when the transaction was created) is equal to 13060.50 (Mexican Pesos).

The values shown in the System Notes subtab is converted to the base currency. This is the behaviour of the Projected Total, Range, and To field in Opportunity records when the Multi Currencies feature is enabled.

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