Friday, May 17, 2019

Ability to print both Item Name and Display Name on the Picking Ticket using the Advanced PDF/HTML Template.

The Picking Ticket looks at the originating transaction which is the Sales Order.


If one of the business requirements is to include both Item Name and Display Name on the picking ticket, the user needs to expose the Display Name first in the Sales Order. Below are the steps:


I. Create a custom column field.

            1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Line Fields > New.

            2. Give it a name (e.g. Item Display Name)

            3. Type= Free-Form Text.

            4. Store Value= F.

            5. In the Applies To tab, set Sale Item= T.

            6. In the Sourcing & Filtering tab, use the sourcing relationship below:

                        Source List= Item

                        • Source From= Display Name


            7. Click Save. Note: Take note of the field id of the custom column field (e.g. custcol_itemdisplay)


II. Add the custom column in the Advanced PDF Template.

            1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Advanced PDF/HTML Templates.

            2. Click Customize on the Standard Picking Ticket PDF/HTML Template

            3. Under the ${item.item}, add ${item.custcol_itemdisplay}. See sample below:






            4. Click Save.


III. Select the Custom Picking Ticket PDF Template in the Picking Ticket Form.

            1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Forms.

            2. Edit Picking Ticket Form (marked as preferred)

            3. In Printing Type= Advanced.

            4. In the Advanced PDF/HTML Template= select the Advanced PDF Template created in Step II.

            5. Click Save.

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  1. Thank you! Had this problem today when trying to use an item's display name on an Advanced PDF/HTML template for an Estimate.

    FWIW, I first tried item.item.displayname which had the result of printing the last item's display name for all items.