Friday, May 17, 2019

Role able to access Restricted Files via 'Attach File' column or via File URL


"Restrict Folders to Role who can only access them".

1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Preferences > General Preferences
- Hide Attachment Folders = True

2. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New
- Select Employee
- Enter Search Title (E.g. "Administrator Files")
- Available as List View = True
- Criteria tab > Standard subtab > select Role = Administrator
- Click Save & Run

3. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Group > New
- Select "Dynamic"
- What kind of members would you like to include? = select
- Click Continue
- Enter Name (E.g.  "Administrator Files - Group")
- Saved Search = select saved search created in step 2
"Administrator Files"
- Click Save

4. Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinets
- Edit Folder that need to restrict from "Custom Employee Centre
" role (E.g. SuiteScript)
- Restrict by Group = select "Administrator Files - Group"
- Click Save

*  Again based in Help Center Topic:  "Restricting Access to File Cabinet Folders" (Answer Id: 8926) :
"If a parent folder's restriction is changed after a subfolder
was created, the subfolder does not automatically inherit the new restriction".

* Administrator must manually apply the restriction to the subfolder. Edit All other SubFolders and set the Restrict by Group (E.g. Administrator Files - Group).

* For Locked folders, Administrator need to contact Bundle Owner and request the bundle be unlock for ones account, set folder restrictions and then have it locked again.


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