Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Advanced PDF/HTML Template > Discount amount is not displaying in the printed transaction

In Legacy PDF forms, the Discount amount is displayed when transactions are printed.

In the Advanced PDF/ HTML forms, Discount is not available by default.


1. Using legacy PDF form when printing, the computations shows the following sample values:
Subtotal = 1,000.00
Discount Item = -150.00
Total = 850.00
Amount due = 850.00

2. Edit the invoice form > change the Printing type to "Advanced" > Saved
Print the same invoice from # 1 and you will get the following:

Subtotal = 1,000.00
Tax Total = 0.00
Total = 850.00

Alternate Solution: Customize the advanced PDF layout form to display the Total discount.

1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Advanced PDF/ HTML Templates.
2. Customize the Standard Invoice PDF/HTML Template.
3. In the computation side of the form, enter :
Discount      ${record.discounttotal}

- remove the unnecessary fields from the form

4. Provide a name for the customized PDF/ html layout
5. Click Save
6. Edit  the preferred Invoice form in Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms and set:
  • Printing Type = Advanced
  • Advanced PDF/ HTML Template = <custom template created from Step 5>
7. Click Save.

8. Print a transaction that uses the preferred custom sales form in Step 6.

Actual result: Discount amount is displayed on the printed form

Subtotal = 10,000
Discount = (150)
Total = 9,850


  1. I added a discount item to discount the item above it on a Sales Order. How can I show the amount that is discounted on the first item line on the Adv PDF?