Thursday, May 2, 2019

Advanced Projects > Create a Sublist to Display Linked Opportunities

It is expected behavior that the Opportunity subtab on a Project Record disappears when Advanced Projects is enabled.

To show the Opportunities linked to a Project record, the solution is to create a Custom Sublist for Opportunities that is linked to Advanced Projects.

1.  Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
2.  Select Transaction
3.  Fill out the Search Title field.
4.  Public = T.
5.  Available as Sublist View = T.
6.  Criteria tab:

  • Type = Opportunity
  • Main Line = True 

7.  Available Filters tab:

  • Project(Main Line) : Internal ID

8.  Save and apply this as another sublist.
9.  Navigate to Customization > FormsSublists.
10.  On the Custom Sublists page, select Entity tab.
11.  On the Search Column = Add the Saved Opportunity Search that was created.
12.  Label Column = Put a name for the Sublist.
13.  Apply the Sublist to the Job/Project column.  This can also be added to a Tab.
14.  Save.






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