Monday, May 27, 2019

C# > Add > Creating a cash sale.

If you would like to add a cash sale into NetSuite over web services, below is a sample on how to accomplish this.
Please note you will need a valid login session for this code to work.

Status stat = nss.login(p).status;
if (stat.isSuccess)
// internal id of customer
RecordRef customer = new RecordRef();
customer.internalId = "4";

// internal id of a posting period
RecordRef period = new RecordRef();
period.internalId = "4";

// internal id of a location
RecordRef location = new RecordRef();
location.internalId = "2";

// internal id of an Item
RecordRef item = new RecordRef();
item.internalId = "5";

// Creating the Cash Sale Item List object
CashSaleItemList csil = new CashSaleItemList();

// Creating an array of CashSaleItem objects length of 1
CashSaleItem[] csi = new CashSaleItem[1];

// Creating an object of type CashSale Item
CashSaleItem csi1 = new CashSaleItem();

// Assigning the CashSaleItem object to the array of CashSaleItems
csi[0] = csi1;

// Assigning the Item record to the CashSaleItem Object.
csi1.item = item;

// Assigning the quantity of the item
csi1.quantity = 5;

// This is required when passing quantity.
csi1.quantitySpecified = true;

// Assigning the CashSaleItem array to the CashSaleItemList object.
csil.item = csi;

// Creating the CashSale Object.
CashSale cs = new CashSale();

//Assigning the customer record to the CashSale object.
cs.entity = customer;

// Assigning transaction date to the CashSale Object
cs.tranDate = System.DateTime.Now;

// Assigning the Posting Period record to the CashSale Object.
cs.postingPeriod = period;

// Assigning the Location record to the CashSale Object
cs.location = location;

// Assigning the CashSaleItemList object to the CashSale Object.
cs.itemList = csil;

// Sending in the add request of a CashSale into NetSuite
WriteResponse res = nss.add(cs);

// Checking the status of the request.
if (res.status.isSuccess)
Console.WriteLine("Cash Sale Successfully Created");
Console.WriteLine("Cash Sale not successfully created" + res.status.statusDetail[0].message);

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