Monday, May 27, 2019

Proper Bundling of Custom Forms and Components

We intend to bundle most of our customization to make modification of similar functions for multiple accounts.

Unlike bundling saved searches, custom forms do not automatically include the custom fields that were applied to the form.

See below the proper steps for bundling Custom Forms. On our example below, assume that "Text_Field 1" and "Text_line 1" are part of our custom form, "FORM_TEST 1".

Customization > SuiteBundler >Create Bundle
 Bundle Basics
  Name : Bundle Custom Form
  Version : v1.0

 Select Options 
  Object Types  
   Custom Forms : Transaction Forms : FORM_TEST 1
   Custom Fields : Transaction Body Fields : Text_Field 1
          : Transaction Line Fields : Text_Line 1
 Set Preferences :
  Select Component Options that you want. (Show, Hide, Lock or Preferred Form)

This behavior was intended to limit the system on pulling up fields/objects that should be included on the form.

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