Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Create Workflow Conditions Longer than 999 Characters

Often times formulas that are very long can be simplified into smaller ones.  If this is not possible then this solution can resolve this problem as long as the formula can be broken up into smaller parts.

1. Create a new custom field on the workflow of type checkbox.  Give it a label (Eg "Conditions Met").  In the below examples the field has the ID custworkflow7

2. Break the long formula up into parts that can be evaluated one after another.

3. Create a new Set Field Value action.  Have the action set the field from step 1 to checked.  Set the conditions to be the first part of the broken up formula.

4. Create a second action.  It should be the same as the one in step 3 but it should also check to make sure that the checkbox is already checked (This makes sure the previous required conditions are met).  It is possible not check if the field is already checked if the next part of the formula is a logical "or" which should be evaluated even if the conditions from the previous actions evaluated to false.

5. Repeat step 4 as needed.

6. For the actual action that should be taken set the conditions such that the field from step 1 should be checked.

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