Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Item Fulfillment showing Total Amount of Lines Using SuiteScript

Item Fulfillment showing Total Amount of Lines Using SuiteScript
  1. Create a new custom transaction column field according to SuiteAnswers article (13937): "Display the Total Amount for Each Line in the Item Fulfillment". Enter the field ID, e.g. "lineamount".
  2. Create a new Transaction Body Field
    1. Navigate to Customization > Transaction Body Fields > New
    2. Label the field
    3. Set the ID field e.g. "totalitemamount"
    4. Set Type to Currency
    5. Store Value set as unchecked
    6. Applies To subtab > Item Fulfillment checked
    7. Display subtab > Subtab set to Items
    8. Display subtab > Display Type set as Inline Text
    9. Click Save
  3. The New Script
    1. Create a new User Event script as follows
              function eventBeforeLoad(type, form, request){                  var lineamount = 0; //set the counter          var lines = nlapiGetLineItemCount('item'); //access the items tab                   // use for loop to go through all the items on item subtab 	          for(var i = 1; i <= lines; i++){ 		            // sum the amount of the line  		            lineamount = lineamount + parseFloat(nlapiGetLineItemValue('item', 'custcollineamount'  , i));	 	          }         	 	          // save the value into the custom body field 	          nlapiSetFieldValue('custbodytotalitemamount', lineamount);           }
    2. Deploy the script on Item Fulfillment page
Review any Item Fulfillment record and make sure that the amount of lines is populated in the new custom field on Items subtab

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