Friday, May 24, 2019

CyberSource Reason Code 102 due to invalid field (Bill to Email)

1. Create sales order

---Transactions > Sales  > Enter Sales Order

---Mark Get Authorization


Result: An unexpected error occurred while processing the credit card through CyberSource (reason code = 102). Please contact NetSuite support.


CyberSource recently made changes on their data validation and it is rejecting special characters that are used in names; e.g. "_", "-", "+".


To resolve:

·         Check if the Bill to Email is a valid email address. If not, enter a valid email address.

·         Check if the Bill to Email has special characters. If special character/s are entered, remove the special character/s.

Note: Invoice is sourcing the default email address from the Customer Record. If the Customer Record has multiple email addresses and these email addresses are separated by a semi-colon (;), CyberSource Reason Code 102 would emerge. Thus, Bill to Email should only contain one Email Address.

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