Thursday, May 23, 2019

Discount Item for Per Line Item and Custom Rate


When creating a transaction, user would like to apply different discount on each line item. Basically, each line item would have a different rate of discount. In order to do so, a Discount Item needs to be created first. Once the Discount Item is created, when entering the Discount Item in the transaction, it will apply the discount on the Item entered right above it.

Discount Item can be created by the following steps:

  • Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Items > New.
  • Click Discount.
  • In the Item Name/Number field, enter a name or number for the Discount Item.
  • In the Rate field, enter an amount or percentage value.
  • In the Accounting tab, for the Account field, select a GL Account that will be effected when this item is used.
  • Enter additional information as required.
  • Click Save.

Once the Discount Item is created, it can be used on transactions. As an example, assume that user is selling Item A ($100) and Item B ($200) and the Discount Item has been created with rate of 10%. However, user would like to give 50% discount on Item B only. Assuming this is a Sales Order, this can be done by the following steps:

  • Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Orders.
  • Select customer and enter other order details.

  • Enter Item A for first Line Item.

  • Enter Item B for second Line Item.

  • Enter Discount Item for third line item.

  • Set the Price Level for Discount Item to Custom.

  • In the Unit Price for Discount Item, enter -50%.

  • Amount for Discount Item will change to $100 because it is calculating 50% of the item right above it which is Item B for $200.

Note: The GL Account that was selected during creation of the Discount Item will be effected by that amount.


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  5. Thanks for the post. Nonetheless, I'd like to know if there's some way to include the discount on a separate column on each product. It would be much easier than creating a different item and registering it for each product. Imagine an invoice with 200+ items...