Thursday, May 23, 2019

Saved Search Displaying Open Invoices, Items, Unit Rates and Total Outstanding Amounts

Navigate toLists > Search > Saved Searches > New >Select Transaction.

Criteria tab > Standardsubtab:

  • Type = is Invoice
  • Status = is Invoice:Open

Results tab > Columnssubtab:

  • Date
  • Period
  • Type
  • Name | Summary Type = Group
  • Document Number | Summary Type = Count
  • Created from
  • Item
  • Quantity
  • Item Rate
  • Amount
  • Amount (Shipping)

Also, ensure Show Totals is checked.

Available Filters tab:

  • Date; Show in Footer = Yes (true)
  • Customer Fields... > Name/ID; Show in Footer = Yes (true)

This will generate a list of invoices for eachcustomer. Upon clicking on individual customer names, a list of openinvoices with associated items, unit rates and total costs will berevealed.

Note:The Amount (Shipping) field extracts both the shipping and handling as atotal.

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