Friday, May 17, 2019

Impact of Removing files from their designated NetSuite Built-in Folders from the File Cabinet

1. From Documents > File > File Cabinet, the folders with negative internal ID are NetSuite built-in folders.
2. The folders may be to inactive but the question is to whether there will be an impact if the files would be moved from their designated NetSuite native folder.
3. Below are the folders and their purpose with the impact when files are removed from them or transferred to another folder:

Documents  > Files > File Cabinet > Attachments Received - attached received through emails are stored in this folder. Removing it from this folder will affect the attached file of the original email in NetSuite.

Documents > Files > File Cabinet > Images - will affect images within the system such as company logo. The Company Logo Folder should be reset from Setup > Company > General Preferences

Documents > Files > File Cabinet > SuiteBundles
Documents > Files > File Cabinet > SuiteScript
--these 2 contains the bundles and scripts and would affect the scripts deployed once moved. Administrator should consider re-directing for the correct path of the script.

Documents  > Files > File Cabinet > Templates
-contains email templates
-each subfolder should NOT be moved since they contain the templates according to usage:
E-mail Templates
Fax Templates
Letter Templates
Marketing Templates
PDF Templates
Web Store E-mail Templates

Documents  > Files > File Cabinet >  Web Site Hosting Files - contains files for the web store with a domain name. Removing files from this folder and moving it to a custom one won't be an issue as long as the correct folder will be selected when setting up website.

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